Music is such an amazing form of art and it’s incredible to think that a combination of sounds can lift your mood, fuel creativity and make even the most mundane of tasks more exciting.

My taste in music ranges from catchy pop to classic rock, jazz, classical music, folk and all kinds of music but I tend to gravitate towards chill alternative indie kinda music like the indie trash I am deep down.

Here’s a few of the songs I’ve been listening to mostly while drawing & painting and they don’t really work together as a cohesive unit or a themed playlist but just a few tunes from my recently played list.

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There’s just something about buying a new notebook and flipping through the blank pages that excites me and makes me feel filled with potential.

The new year is a great excuse buy notebooks, pens, washi tape and all kinds of stationery and even if you’re not a stationery heaux like I am, you can make your life so much more organized with a diary and a few other bits and bobs.

There’s also a small printable freebie gift for all of you to say thanks for more than 200 views and celebrate my small blog turning one week old.

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