You’re laying in a silky bath, the water is like a warm hug, next to you is a cup of tea, calm music is playing in the background and you’re free of all worries. A good bath can be so relaxing, calming and a good way to destress.

There’s a few things you can do and products you can use to take your bath from oh so ordinary to oh so lush so I put together a few things I know that can help you have an amazing one too.

Personally my ideal bath and preferred way to have a good bath is accompanied by a cup of tea, chill music playing in the background, candles & a product or two swirled around in the water to make it a proper treat because life is too short to lie in hot water that isn’t going to moisturize your skin and make you feel good.


  1. OILS


Oils in your bath makes the bath water go soft and silky and also as a nice bonus the oil coats and lightly absorbs into your skin making you feel soft and moisturized in an instant. Coconut oil has so many uses it’s like a household staple to me and I highly recommend that you buy a small container of it. Add a small glug to your bath water and I promise you’ll never have a bath without it again. Other oils also do the same thing like this foaming bath oil or the lavender bath oil. A few droplets of essential oils can add an ambience of relaxation or calm you depending on the type.



The classic good ol bubble bath. Since discovering other bath products I’m not that big a fan anymore but it is stfun making a santa beard and having mountains of bubbles floating around.

Bubble bars from Lush are pretty amazing like the Comforter bubble bar where you just break of a small piece and let it dissolve under hot water but any can work.

  1. SALTS


Bath salts also soften the bath water and benefits of them include relieving sore muscles and reducing infection. You don’t even have to worry about going out to buy bath salts because I have an easy DIY for you to make your own! (I feel like such a Pinterest mom pulling a rabbit out of a hat saying that) I used the recipe found here ( It’s basically six parts coarse sea salt to 3 parts Epsom salts with 1 part baking soda. Add a drop of two essential oils (I use Lavender usually) and combine. For prettiness you can add a drop of food colour to change the hue but I like it as is.

More DIY variations available here:

Now for one of my favourite bath products at the moment: Bath tea! Bath tea is basically like bath salts but infused with tea and also contains tea powder and actual tea leaves. On the same note you also don’t need to buy bath tea but you can turn your bathtub into a massive teacup by adding 4-6 bags of green tea to your bath as its apparently good for your skin and does strangely make your skin soft and luscious too.

  1. MILK


The ultimate luxurious way to bath: in milk just like Cleopatra did or so the legend goes. I have a little DIY for you to try again: One cup of milk (any kind of milk) + half a cup of honey. Add a drop or two of vanilla essential oil for a birthday cake sweet yummy smell. You can also of course use premade bath milk products like this one from Poetry or a scoop of bath milk powder.



My love for bath bombs has no bounds there’s just something about them that makes me happy.

Lush is of course the most well known producer of bath bombs but most drugstores/ pharmacies I’ve been to lately also started stocking their own Fizz balls and they’re pretty affordable too whereas ones from Lush is a bit more expensive (but so worth it).

You instantly feel uplifted and good after using one and usually smells lovely, makes your bath look like an Abstract Expressionist painting and make your skin feel lush and soft too.



Bath Melts are packed with cocoa or shea butters and oils that instantly dissolve into your bath water and while they don’t have the special effects of bath bombs, bath melts makes my skin feel the best out of most product types and they’re the perfect for making you relaxed and sleepy before bed



The products will make for a great bath but you also need to create a relaxed vibe and atmosphere to make your bath even more special. You can make yourself a cup tea, get a calm chill relaxed playlist ready to play in the background, get a snack, light some candles and or incense and you can even read a book if you have a bath caddy to put it on.



With the categories of products mentioned you can mix and match and do your own thing too. Coconut oil + bath salts = Cool. Oil and bubbles = Rad! Fizz ball + oil = Lovely! Milk and oil = Sounds like cake ingredients but can be super!! Generally you don’t need to add anything extra to a bath bomb or bath melt as they’re already fragrant and lush enough but play around and see what you like. There’s plenty of bath cocktails shared around social media too so check the tag #BathCocktail.

My usual bath combos:

  • Bath bomb + a glug of shower gel (usually Snow Fairy)
  • Fizz ball + Coconut Oil + Essential oil
  • Bath tea + Coconut Oil

Always accompanied by a cuppa + candles + music.


So there you have quite a few ways to have a perfect bath. Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know if you try any of the tips.

Happy bathing!!


creatively yours,




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