Your body is nothing more than a home for your soul but it is important to look after yourself and treat it right. The appearance of it is not terribly important but it does feel good to give your body some love and care.

It is valentines week but instead of wasting energy on negativity because I’m single (by all means treat yo self even if you are in a relationship because self love is important) I am treating myself to various things I enjoy. Loving yourself is the greatest form of revolution and form of art in this day and age.

Going to pamper myself with all of the body products this week, a luxurious bath, maybe some froyo, chocolate, flowers and a movie too. Why not? Treat yo self. (Another blog post will be up tomorrow/ later this week that I wrote as a guide to the perfect bath + possibly another self love post depending on how the week goes back at uni.)

It’s kind of a long one so find yourself a comfy spot accompanied by a glass of lemon water/ tea/ coffee and read on.

First off on the guide to treat your body:



Start off with a clean face and apply a face mask. One of my favourites are Cupcake from Lush but you can also use any face mask you have like these Sorbet ones I got from my local drugstore. Afterwards I would go through my skin care routine with a face wash, toner, spot serum if needed and moisturizer.



To make you lips smooth, soft and kissable (even if you just plan on kissing your cat/ dog on it’s head this valentine’s day) a lip scrub and a lip treatment or good lip balm would help. There are lip scrubs you can buy (not to mention the L word again but yes Lush lip scrubs are worth the hype) I have a DIY lip scrub that does the same thing and you don’t even have to buy anything else because it’s all made with household ingredients.

To make the lip scrub mix equal parts sugar (any sugar but castor sugar gives you the finest scrub), coconut oil, honey and a small tiny drop of vanilla essence for a sweet lip retreat. I usually use a small toothbrush to softly brush my lips with the scrub in circular motions for a few seconds then apply a lip balm afterward for extra softness. My favourite is the pink grapefruit lip butter from The Body Shop and it’s so lovely and smells SO good.



There are a few good hair mask products you can buy but usually just lightly coat my hair with a mix of coconut oil and a bit of lemon juice, leave it for an hour and then continue to wash my hair.

That doesn’t work for everyone as coconut oil can cling to your hair even after you’ve washed it (depending on your hair type and shampoo)

For extra moisture and silkiness I’d mash up an avocado or an overripe banana and about a tablespoon of coconut oil for 30 minutes and rinse and wash your hair.

Another good way to treat your hair is to clarifying shampoo to get rid of hair product buildup and always remember to use conditioner only on the ends of your hair as it can flatten your hair . I use the Jumping Juniper shampoo bar from Lush or Purple Shampoo (for blonde hair) which keeps my colour looking good and also removes buildup/ excess oils.



Essentially everything we do is dependent on our hands and they need a little TLC too. To pamper your hands you could apply hand cream and then cuticle cream to soften the skin around your fingers. After that I would push back my cuticles and put on a fresh coat of nail polish.



Body scrubs and shower gels with beads/ granules/ pieces helps exfoliate and polish your skin to make it smooth and silky. I absolutely love the Mango sugar scrub from the Body Shop and you any that you have or if you’re up for a DIY again have a look here:

Next time you bath or shower use a good smelling shower gel, a body scrub and apply moisturizer afterwards and I hope you’ll feel pampered and treated.


Hope you enjoyed reading this and have fun!!


creatively yours,



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