You don’t have to know a lot about art, be an art fanatic or artist yourself to admire and appreciate art. It can be a source of inspiration to you and a way to escape reality in a sense and no matter how you interpret it, the fact that art makes you think and feel is important.

Would personally love to pursue illustration more even though I’m a Graphic Design major it’s just so fun creating and expressing yourself (it’s actually fun in any form of art whether it be writing/ photography/ whatever.)

I have so many favourites as any aspiring Illustrator would agree so only picked a few and this could possibly become a regular installment on my blog where I’ll feature my favourite illustrators of the moment depending on how this one goes.

Katy Smail


KT as she’s often known is one of my favourite illustrators and I just adore the dreamy soft quality of her work and they’re almost childlike and simplistic but yet so beautiful. She illustrates a lot of botanical, fruity and flowery patterns and mysterious girls with steely eyes and pretty dresses as well as work as creative director for editorial fashion shoots.

Lucie Birant


The difference in mark making is what instantly draws me to her work and the play between neat fine details done with graphite pencil compared to the bold colourful paint strokes are interesting and beautiful.

Caitlin McGauley


Her whimsical vibrant watercolours and interesting patterns are endearing and instantly makes me want to grab a brush and paint and start painting.

Alessandra Genualdo


The shapes and patterns in her illustrations are kind of soothing to me as the forms are organic and wavy so my eyes keep going over the the outlines.

Cassie Byrnes


Cassie’s art is actually more about textile prints and surface design but the prints and patterns themselves I’m counting as Illustration here. In a way I’m remind of the Cut out series by Matisse and the colours and shapes are interesting, funky and quite aesthetically pleasing.


Let me know of more illustrators I could check out if you know of any!!

Thanks for reading and your continued support.


creatively yours,




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