Music is such an amazing form of art and it’s incredible to think that a combination of sounds can lift your mood, fuel creativity and make even the most mundane of tasks more exciting.

My taste in music ranges from catchy pop to classic rock, jazz, classical music, folk and all kinds of music but I tend to gravitate towards chill alternative indie kinda music like the indie trash I am deep down.

Here’s a few of the songs I’ve been listening to mostly while drawing & painting and they don’t really work together as a cohesive unit or a themed playlist but just a few tunes from my recently played list.

Quite bad at describing songs but anyway here they are:


This song is so chill but groovy and the lyrics are slightly melancholic but I just love the instrumentals. A funky kind of low-key sad tune.


Gong is majestic with it’s urban beat and the vocals make me feel calm and relaxed it’s lovely.


Discovered this one on IndieCurrent recently and it’s so smooth and soulful with an interesting narrative in the lyrics.


Good ol Chet Faker. (Forgot to add it but the song is a colab with Banks)  The original of 1998 is also great but I quite like the remix and it’s just nice to listen to.

(Only starting to notice a theme of a lowkey melancholy in these songs but still pretty cool tunessss.)


Love loveeee Hippo Campus a lot and this lil tune is so catchy and dreamy it makes me sway in my chair while I’m drawing. The video of this song is also so pretty and aesthetically pleasing.


The sound of The 1975 in general is amazing and this song is so funky as all of their songs and has an amazing seventies feel to it with interesting quirky sounds that I love.


Happy go lucky kinda cute song.


Blajk is one of my new obsessions and their music is so so good, Incredible vocals, deep lyrics and cool sounds. “I know it’s cold let’s find a home, a different place, the sweet unknown. We’ll drift away to shores unknown, escape the streets we used to know.”


Better together is such a groovy hip instrumental song I listen to on repeat for hours.


An oldie but such a goldie. I’ve had this song in my iTunes library for ages and I have never gotten sick of it and doubt that I will. One of my all time favourites.


Xavier Rudd’s voice gives me goosebumps and his music is just incredibly soothing and calm and follow the sun is just a whole lot of lovely. Super bummed that I’m not gonna see him perform when he comes to South Africa but I’ll just mourn by listening to him over and over.


My drawing lecturer introduced our class to the glory that is Laura Mvula and this song makes me want to dance in a flower field and pick daisies with it’s imagery.


Oh Wonder is one of my favourite bands right now and Midnight Moon is pretty encouraging and beautiful. Ooh ooh ooh, Over the moon, over the midnight moon. // Dance in the high tide, don’t be worried.  // We’re souls in a wildfire – feel it beating.


Tshirt weather is almost like summer roadtrip in a song and I love everything about it.


This song is really happy and sweet as honey and will make you want to dance around your room.


I made a playlist on Souncloud with these songs so you can listen to them there if you want to:

I hope you discover a new song that you like!!

Oh and also thank you so much for 500 views and thanks for reading. ☺

Is there any song you’ve been listening to on repeat recently? Would love some song recommendations.

creatively yours,




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