There’s just something about buying a new notebook and flipping through the blank pages that excites me and makes me feel filled with potential.

The new year is a great excuse buy notebooks, pens, washi tape and all kinds of stationery and even if you’re not a stationery heaux like I am, you can make your life so much more organized with a diary and a few other bits and bobs.

There’s also a small printable freebie gift for all of you to say thanks for more than 200 views and celebrate my small blog turning one week old.


I’m very organized for an unorganized person and feel a little lost without a dayplanner. Even if life is a mess sometimes at least with one I’ll know the date of my assignment deadline or test date.

Even if you don’t buy any notebooks at all and prefer to take notes on your laptop the two items of stationery that will help you the most is a day planner and a calendar.


A5 Buffalo Planner with Daily Layout / Typo

Bought this terrific teal blue planner from Typo and I buy one from them each year because frankly I can’t see myself with a crappy day planner with four lines to write for each day.

It has nifty little details that make me swoon like how it has three different reference calendars, a few pages with space for contact details, perforated corners that you can tear of as the days go by and printed monthly tabs. My favourite parts of it though is that it is a page-a-day kind of planner so I have plenty of space to write down deadlines and important details and the expandable inner pocket is so useful for all of my little sticky notes and little pieces of paper to keep it all together.



If there’s one thing I can’t resist it’s a pretty notebook. Already have a good stache of clean empty notebooks ready to be used but there’s just so many ways you can use them. (I’ll do a blog post with 50 uses for notebooks or something like that if you’re interested)


CNA stocks a few things from Caroline Gardner and this little owly will be a great desk buddy to write down little bits of info rather than on sticky notes or scrap pieces of paper that will get lost in between desk chaos.



Left to Right: Three pack of A5 Journal Notebooks // Lauriana Designs, Pink Journal // Pepper Pot, Blue bunny notebook // Mr Price Home.

I intend on using these medium sized notebooks as a list notebook/ bullet journal and planning for more Artily blog posts.



Teal and Pink Notebooks // Typo,  Imagination is everything // Mr Price Home.

These A4 sized notebooks I use to take notes in lectures and to do rough essay planning/ assignment planning.




I like big notes and I cannot Lie // Typo 2015,  A4 Plan Ahead // Typo.

This plan ahead kinda planner will be so useful to not only plan things that need to be done but the importance of the task. For me personally it also feels more satisfying when you finish something on your to do list and you get to put a huge tick mark next to it.

The flip page pad next to it is from last year and something I needed to have purely for the pretty gold foil and funny line but the pages inside are also so beautiful I feel like I’ll ruin it but this year it’s gonna get some use.



Here’s a few of the pens and pencils I’m going to use this year and more woodland creature and blue/ pink/ green/ yellow themed items.


Left to right: Idea Generator Pencils // Woolworths, Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, Owl pen, Fawn Pen, Multi Pen Pack, Washi Tape, Bunny Stamp all from Typo. Pink bunny ruler from Luvit.



Made a basic minimalistic Calendar with small watercolour details that I hope will appeal to everyone. You can get it here:

Please take photos and show me/ tag me on twitter (@peachyniela) or instagram: (@bohemianiela) if you print yours out I’d absolutely love to see it.


Studyblr is a tag I love on tumblr as it’s motivational and pleasing to look at.

The organized student is one of my favourite studyblr accounts and she has multiple organizational printables that will be useful for everyone so go check it out.


*By the way this is not a sponsored post I just really love Typo.

Also if you’re on bloglovin’ I joined this week and you can follow me here to stay updated on my blog:

Thanks for reading and thank you again for being supportive so far I feel like my smol blog is off to a good start. Hope you are enjoying it as much as I am enjoying putting posts together.


creatively yours,







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