Luminous glowing skin is a trend I absolutely love because I mean who doesn’t want to look like a sparkling ethereal fairy of a person that is radiating the light of a thousand suns (I know I do)

I have a few favourite products that are suited to a variety of different needs for glowiness/ light/ sparkle/ face parts and budgets.



Nivea Radiance Boosting Eye Cream

I’m starting off with a product that isn’t exactly a highlighter but it’s been my saving grace on mornings where the closest I got to a full nights sleep was a daydream. Radiance Boosting Eye Cream from Nivea really makes my eyes come to life and my overall face look more radiant with it’s very subtle brightening effect. I usually apply it all around my eye area and over my eyelids too as I personally find it’s a great base for eyeshadow.

Other face moisturizers that will give you a natural lit from within kinda glow includes the Vitamin C moisturizing range from The Body Shop.



Catrice Made to Stay Highlighter Pen


This highlighter pen from Catrice is incredibly perfect for highlighting and adding a bit of shimmer to your cupid’s bow, inner corners of your eye, under your brow and sometimes I also give my eyelids a swoop of it as you would with eyeliner.



Left: Lush Feeling Younger Skin Tint, Right: Essence Eye Sorbet (Illuminating Hazelnut)

Essence eye sorbet is another product that I’m using in a different way than it’s original purpose but if you’re looking for glitter and sparkle this one is perfect. When I’m not using it on my eyelids I like to apply just a touch of it to the the top of my cheekbones as it leaves the prettiest goldish shimmery fairy dust like effect when blended.

Feeling younger skin tint from Lush is a product described to reflect light and brighten the skin and it does that perfectly. It’s glow is kind of pearly in colour and it’s so versatile and can be used in many ways including mixing it with your moisturizer, using it to cover dark circles, under foundation and over foundation. It’s not too in your face with it’s glowiness and quite soft and subtle but still a strong contender for an everyday natural kinda highlight.



Left: Topshop Highlighter (Sunbeam) Right: NYX Illuminator (Ritualistic)

Progressing to powders there’s two trusty illuminating sidekicks in my make up collection that I love. The first is from Topshop and is a highlighter in the shade Sunbeam. The second is from NYX and is the powder Illuminator in the shade Ritualistic. The Topshop one has a golden hue, quite pigmented and more suited as a night time look for me personally whereas the NYX one is more pearly in tone, quite soft and light but buildable. Powder Illuminators are also really great as body highlighters for when you want to take the glowiness to a whole body look or just want to give a bit more dimension to your collarbones and décolletage.




Benefit High Beam

High beam from Benefit has gotten a lot of praise and have topped many must have highlighter lists and rightly so. It’s pinkish in colour but when blended it leaves you looking luminous, bright and ready for any challenges the world may throw your way. I only got it again recently and I honestly feel like I could wear it everyday because it makes me feel so good and cute.


I’ve also read reviews and tested The Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome from the Body Shop in store and added it to my next to buy list although I might have enough glowy products for now (but then again I don’t think you can really have too many). It smells like honey, smoothly glides on your skin and contains the prettiest faint hint of sparkles that I know will have me looking fab from drab in an instant. Also eyeing Sooo glow! from Essence and it’s only like R50 / in the region of $5 so it’s not going to break the bank either which is great.

Thanks for reading!!

Shine and sparkle like the star you are and happy highlighting //

*ps: You don’t need to pile on highlighters for you to be a glowy person, you can be a radiant glowing beauty of a person by just being yourself and being kind to others (drinking water also helps you glow in a healthy way!!) But make up is fun and a form of self expression so don’t judge people that like to put on a lil warpaint.

Let me know in the comment section if there are any other highlighting/ glowy products that you love and feel free to ask me if there’s any questions you have regarding the products.

creatively yours,




  1. Thanks for this post! Going to try the Nivea eye cream, I think I need to with this dull weather!
    Just discovered your blog and loving the posts so far! Although not all the images are loading but it might be my connection!

    Liked by 1 person

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